Solving problems with code.

We plan, build and maintain software.


 We work with specialists in a range of disciplines to create high-quality, timely solutions.

Here are some of the projects we've built.

Luxury Kitchen Retail Platform


offers the modern alternative to a kitchen studio.
Küchenheld is a digital kitchen retailer and offers a unique service from digital kitchen planning to installation. They are changing the classic kitchen purchase and turning kitchen planning into an experience for our customers.
Platform for Survey Creators & Participants


gives you access to survey participants for empirical research. Easy, fast and for free!
Use PollPool as fast and convenient way to get survey participants for your empirical research project. Support others with their empirical research and get participants for your own online survey in response!
Platform for Frictionless compliance
Ensure the trustworthiness of your AI systems. Comply with regulatory mandates. Safeguard against future legal risks.
Oxethica's digital tool, AI-conform, minimises the cost and effort of complying with the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act. Our mission is to help organisations leverage the upcoming regulatory mandate to drive continuous improvement. We regularly update our platform with the latest AI ethics research and regulatory changes, minimising future compliance risks.
Years of experience in developing webapps
Contractors and employees across Europe, Asia, and North America
Availability due to our decentral network of developers
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